by JOn Black

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This ? is dedicated to everybody out here fighting for Peace ☮ and Equality. The ignorant #violence ?? ? that happened in #Virginia got me feeling like I have to get out what I've been feeling or I'm bout to go crazy


Riot in the streets/
People dying right in front police/
Deep inside the belly of the beast
We ain't even tired in the least/
We Fighting for our peace

Should i speak out or wait my turn/
Say im all about the money and ain't concerned/
While i sit and watch the country burn/
And my son uncle white his name is Sherm/
Racism at a high but look and learn/
Who benefit the most can you discern?/
When we get to the point of no return/
Your freedom will depend on what you earn/
Be smart or get caught up in the game
Racism is designed to trick your brain/
Into thinking other people aint the same/
So you just sit there inside ya lane/
Criticize and complain/
Mad at the world/
Kuz it don't recognize your pain/
The very defintion of insane/
Look at all the shit they throwin at you
We ain't fightin kuz we have to/
We fightin over skin color and statues
And cave men still clinging to they past views
I hate to bring the bad news/ and put you in a bad mood/
But the south lost the war/
My brotha Im sorry time has passed you/
I ain't tryna attack you/ talk down - what have you/
you free to speak and that's true/
But we don't wanna see your flag flew/
I know you mad we didn't ask you/
But on behalf of all the black dudes/
unless you playin chess, to me, going back is really bad move/

Riot in the streets/
People dying right in front of police/
Deep inside the belly of the beast
We aint even tired in the least/
Fighting for our peace


released August 18, 2017
Beat by - Chuck Kennedy



all rights reserved


JOn Black San Diego, California

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